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by Bud Evans
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Bud Evans

Just checking in as I have been very busy with urgent and unavoidable stuff.
Have been keeping up with my website/membership site development and product creation.
Important things accomplish for this projectl
== Product creation
== Reevaluated the entire project.
== Decided that the project deserved a better touch.
== Complete a through study of list building.
== Collected over 100 sites and names that are interested in self reliance.
== Started evaluation of starting an ecommerce Self Reliance store.

What I will accomplish in the next two weeks:

== A revised Self Reliance membership site posted to the net.
== Basic generation of an ecommerce Self Reliance internet store.
== Complete lessons 3, 4, 5 and 6 for Self Reliance membership site.
== Complete 5 traffic generation posts for on facebook.
== Ten emails to lists.
== Develop a mailx autoresponder.
== Complete 5 squeeze pages for various sites to collect people to self reliance lists.

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