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Cynthia Leighton

Today, Friday…

I recorded an audio, “Do you ever feel afraid?” and turned it into today’s content: article, email, youtube.

+ Got article and email fast! Hurray. That changed my life. Now I know I can do it fast.
– Youtube: I wasted a lot of time! Stuck in problems in powerpoint. Resolved.
+ Created 2-slide template that should streamline next week.

Feeling frustrated. It feels that I have wasted all my time getting to this point. Yet part of me recognizes that if I had not done what I did up to now, I would not be where I am now, knowing I can do it and being ready to start over again. So I guess it’s simply part of my process of becoming who I want to be.

And I do need to start again. I’m not getting subscribers.

I need a better gift. I know that. I got an ebook cover made “10 steps to improve your life: you’ll be better”. I had tried to write it but got stuck and let it go.

So What’s Next? is record an ebook and transcribe it.

I’m going to stop now. I’m in a stuck place. Better to walk away.

I do feel hopeful with this new process of talking my content. It worked this week and today that part worked fast!

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