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Cynthia Leighton

Thanks Rick!

Today, Saturday…

Recorded my ebook! Transcribed. Here is the draft:

Burned out now, simply can’t think through how to create a download page like the one Sean gives as an example for the answer to “How to deliver mp3?” here

Long term, I want links for each of the 10 steps in this ebook gift to be links that go to products to buy, as Sean taught us in “Unlimited Lifestyle Business” training here.

For now, I have four short recordings I made this week that I used today (including Sean and me from Tuesday as one!).

What’s next on ebook:
Download page
Squeeze page
begin using it anyway
make the next 6 daily content be something I can use for the other 6 links and put each in as I do
keep working on teach an hour a week so that I end up with products to link to
figure out homework to put so that weekly recordings become an actual saleable product
hmm, the ebook what’s next ties right into the product’s what’s next and the content what’s next…

This week’s what’s next must include next outline, teach it, and traffic research

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