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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

A follow up to my earlier discussion on focus.

I was doing some research this morning for the membership site lesson I’m currently working on. One of the things I found was my distributor’s kit from a network marketing company I used to be involved with. It doesn’t matter which network marketing company. That’s not the point of this discussion. While I was looking for some specific information that I plan to use, I ran across their system manual. Here’s what I saw in the manual.

1. The eight “daily activities.”
2. The three “core activities.”
3. Pre-printed sheets for marketing the activities one completed each day.

Does any of that sound familiar to anyone??? Here was complete system and the pre-printed sheets had no check marks on any of the pages. So I started asking myself some questions.

1. Why did I not succeed in this opportunity?
2. Why did I not succeed in the other network marketing opportunities I got involved with?
3. Every one of these opportunities had systems. Good systems. Why did I not use them?
4. I’m a computer geek/systems guy. Why did I not see these systems for what they were?

Then I started coming up with some answers.

1. I didn’t succeed in this opportunity or the others because I never took advantage of the systems they gave me.
2. I didn’t use the systems because I didn’t believe in them.
3. I didn’t believe in the systems because I didn’t think they’d work for me. Sure the systems worked for others but I didn’t think they’d work for me.
4. I didn’t think the systems would work for me because I didn’t believe in myself.
5. I didn’t see materials as systems because I didn’t have a proper systems perspective at that point. I suspect I’ve gained that perspective because of reading the books “Work the System” and “Triggers.”

So then I asked myself some more questions.

1. What makes what Sean teaches any different from these systems?
2. What makes me think I can succeed this time when I failed all the other times?

And the next batch of answers.

1. From a pure systems perspective what Sean teaches is nothing more than a system. Here’s what different about what Sean teaches. It’s believable. It’s down to earth. It makes sense. I’ve listened to the core four audios so many times I think I can almost recite it from memory. The system for the specific company I’m talking about had a compensation plan that I never wrapped my head around. I was just never able to see myself doing what I was supposed to do. With Sean’s system I’m implementing it. I’m not completely there yet but I’m getting there.

2. I believe I can succeed with Sean’s system where I failed with the others because I believe in Sean, I believe in his system, and I believe I can apply Sean’s system. I know that because I’ve started applying it since June 9th and I see myself making progress with it.

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