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by Bud Evans
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Bud Evans

Just a quick update on where I am with my accountability and my membership site.
I have set up the membership site as a part of my site .It looks okay but it’s not perfect. I have a real issue with perfectionism sometimes and did not realize that that was what was preventing me from getting this project done. I will continue to improve the site as I move forward.
Moving forward is going to be a bit different that I’ve outlined here. I have decided to complete the modules, one each month after I have completed and posted the first three modules to my satisfaction. Done by August 6, 2016.

I will continue to create color books for fun. I am getting a lot of local interest in my coloring book. Will complete 100 images by August 15, 2016.
My next big push is going to be promoting this site and building a self-reliance mailing list. This will be accomplished by whatever methods that my research indicates will be good for driving traffic to this website. Complete the research on this building as soon as possible. Hopefully by August 10, 2016

I will create at least four videos a month to drive traffic.
I will continue with daily product creation based upon my 10 x by 10 matrix.
I will move forward with the sale of physical products in the self-reliance area. Is this portion of my self-reliance business progresses I will build an e-commerce site to tie in with the Self-Reliance Membership site.
This work will probably keep me busy for the next two weeks.
The goal is to get 10 new membership sign-ups each month through December 2016.

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