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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

August 3rd

1. Completed daily review.
2. Worked on my GTD 50K foot principles. (You’d think by now I’d have this done but there’s a lot to this.)
3. Worked on the membership site lesson 1 matrix. I didn’t get it completed as I’d planned. But I was rather proud of myself for what I did. I had a church visit to make last night (for which we got stood up) so instead, I came home and had a meeting about church related items with my traveling companion. After he left I was pretty tired and I wanted to blow off working some more on my matrix. However, I thought about what Sean talks about in doing whatever it takes. So I worked for another hour on my matrix. Just gotta keep doing that when I’m tired in the evening.
4. Watched some of the videos from the Storyoptic presenting course. (I got it for my favorite price – free99. 🙂 )
5. Listened to several of Sean’s audios from the “Advanced Material Product Creation” section.
6. Read a free Kindle book on Nicola Tesla and imagination. (It was a short Kindle book.) This was one of the free ones that I downloaded on Tuesday night. Not really any killer information in there. The author talked about imagination. He didn’t give any exercises on how to become more imaginative.

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