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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Jenn –

I buy a fair amount of stuff (kindle books, “regular” books, other various products), from Amazon. I’m always getting emails from them recommending to me something else to buy. This morning I got the following email:

“Rick Smith,

Based on your recent visit, we thought you might be interested in these items. Then it proceeded to list various books on video marketing.”

It’s likely I’ll check out at least some of them. Then the email showed me the following:

“Fast Cash- 9 Ways to Make Money Online in the Next 14 Day
Jennifer Glidden”

It links to this book:

Since I don’t know anyone else named Jennifer Glidden, I’m assuming that’s you. I’ve never seen a book that was written by someone I “know” featured in one of Amazon’s emails.

So congrats for getting one of your books featured in an Amazon email!

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