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Cynthia Leighton

Rick, thank you. I’m way overwhelmed by a bunch of stuff right now (health challenges) so those kinds of ideas did not cross my mind at all. That’s a brilliant idea for my membership! Thanks so much for your insight (interestingly: which I would not have gotten by simply saying yes last week). Yes, I will take you up on it. In a couple days I’m going to be going to be with family for a couple weeks, so when I get back I will follow up. When I’d called the library Friday they said they can get both the books for me on ebook so I will read it later on my tablet as well (I read walking back and forth and prefer physical books so I was disappointed by library and now I’m delighted your stuff is soft and can go in membership; cheering me up at yet another step of progress despite all my challenges… keeping on keeping on…. even got a thank you from a subscriber today who says thank you and shares how he’s making real progress because of my help).

Ah, and what I came to say…

On Saturday I recorded my 10th Teach for an Hour.


That gives me the audio portion for my first 10 lessons for my membership, overviews of my 10 topics.

Next step for those is the homework.
Next step for Teach for an Hour is first of three products so I need to go deep on the first of my 10 topics: a change from first 10.

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