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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

August 8th

1. Completed daily review.
2. Worked on GTD 50K foot view – principles.
3. Watched more videos from the StoryOptic video presentation course.
4. Read in GKIC August 2016 “No B.S. Newsletter.”
5. Read in Eric Lofholm’s Kindle book, “Leverage.”
6. Worked on membership site lesson 1 matrix. (It’s taking too long to get these matrices done. I’m thinking about changing how I do this. I’m thinking about going to a mind map. I can then put the mind map on a monitor that I’ll be able to see when I record.)
7. Listened to some of Sean’s audios from the “Advanced Materials” section, “Product Creation” subsection.
8. Watched Eric Lofholm webinar on closing techniques. It was OK. Not terrific.

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