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Cynthia Leighton

Rick, thanks! I will.
1. Tools? Nope. I do it the old fashioned way with pen on paper like Sean suggested.
2. Depth? Varies. I have different levels of detail – in the beginning I wrote too much. Now I try to write out the ideas enough to remind myself what direction I’m heading. Sometimes that’s still a lot. Certainly though there’s at least 10 points for each talk, with details written about each. Hope that helps.
3. How long? Varies because different activities. I let it think inside me sometimes, during walks for example. So when I sit and write I’m just writing for a short time – but that’s not when I came up with the idea. Sometimes I get one idea in a day, sometimes none, sometimes several. I’ve been using these first 10 as fleshing out my 10 x 10 because when I initially made it, it was not robust enough. Now I have a messy 10 x 10 typed. Later will condense it, for now, wordy got the job done… though it took a long time to type because there’s a lot of detail on some.
blessings, Cynthia

Today, Tuesday…

* daily content! article, email, youtube
* typing 10 x 10 from my outlines of my 10 I recorded

Note: I intend to record first product next. Maybe tomorrow. Do fly tomorrow to family for a couple weeks vacation. So if I’m not here at all for a while, that’s why! I plan to be back.

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