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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Completely lost what I typed. Crud.

Sean –

If I were to focus on ONE THING for the next days, I’d focus on finishing my initial membership lessons so I can get the initial site launch done. Finishing the initial lessons entails finishing 1 1/2 mind maps (matrices) then recording three lessons (1 is done). Then I have some slight editing to do on those videos. Then I have to complete the sales letter and do a few technical things. Then I can start promoting the site. (I know. I know. I should be working on daily content at the same time but the time I can work on my IMB is limited.)

To that end, I’m eliminating (for now) aligning my GTD principles with everything else. I have enough of that done for the time being that I can track it through my daily questions. So in that time slot, I’ll be working instead on my membership lessons. That will add about 3 hours per week (an additional 1/2 hour per day for 6 days) so I can get this done more quickly. I’ll be implementing this as of today, August 23rd.

August 22nd

1. Completed daily review.
2. Worked on membership lesson #2.
3. During workout, watched part of the Udemy course “Creating High Converting Video Sales Letters.”
4. While soaking in the tub, read in Donna Merrill’s book, “Build My Blog.”

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