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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

August 28th

1. Completed daily review.
2. Completed weekly review.
3. Attended various church meetings.
4. Began my second reading of “The One Thing.” That led to an epiphany. While I was reading the book I was wondering if I had to do another reboot/realignment to get everything aligned with the one thing concept. What I was most concerned about was whether or not I’d know if I was always picking the right thing for my one thing for the day, the week, whatever.

Then it hit me. I don’t have to change anything, really. I may not always know if I’ve picked the right thing for X time period. And I may not always pick the right thing every time. It will take work and practice just like anything else. I just have to keep picking what I think is the right thing for a given time period. Then I have to work on that thing for that time period. I have to analyze what I’ve done and see if it was correct. If it was, great. If not, I have to refine my approach.

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