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by Trevor Dumbleton
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Trevor Dumbleton

Plenty enough scope with Celiac Disease in my view – there’s a Dummies book for it and 623 Kindle books on it.

34 new books in the last 90 days, 3 more due in the next 90 days (you can get all that info from Amazon’s site)

One thing I’ve seen that works nicely is to use the Kindle book as the pre-sale for the main course – I bought one recently on a different topic and at the end there was an offer for the $497 course reduced to $297 for purchasers of the book. And remember to put the opt-in to your freebie early enough in the Kindle so that it shows on the Look Inside preview.

That’s a long way of saying celiac is plenty wide enough and you could always link in content on food intolerances, allergies and mindful eating (which I’m guessing is the opposite of the auto-pilot eating where that bag of Doritos vanishes during the TV show you’re watching)

Lots and lots and lots of scope in that niche – not even touched on training up other consultants!

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