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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Sean –

Thanks for noticing my progress. I’ve been pretty pleased with my recent progress as well. I promised that I’d talk about the breakthrough that I had on the 30th. That morning I was working on the mind map for my membership site lesson #3. I was researching the topic of healthy eating or something like that. I stumbled onto an image of a 30 day meal plan that just OK. That’s not what was significant. What was significant were the words at the top of the image. The words at the top of the image were “50 Million Pound Challenge.”

That might not be significant to any of you but it was certainly significant to me. Here’s why. My BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal or what Gary Keller would call my “ONE Thing Someday Goal”) is to assist 1 million people to remove forever from their lives 100 pounds per person. In short, it’s a 100 million pound challenge! When I saw this phrase at the top of that image, it suddenly exploded in my brain. I’ve been toying with Sean’s million person business idea for quite some time, probably close to a year.

What exploded in my brain was this. Nothing short of the domain name for my million person business! I have another domain ( that I’d thought of using for that site but it just never really grabbed. This new domain concept grabbed me instantly. I did some quick research. Nobody had anything close to it registered. I ran two domain names past my wife. She told me which one she liked.

By 10:30 pm that night, I’d registered the domain name on NameCheap and paid for one year of hosting with them. (They had a killer deal of one year of hosting for $9.88. I’ve been wanting to spread out my hosting a bit anyway.) Boom! Done!

Here’s what’s significant about this. I had the breakthrough early that morning. I did some quick research during the day. By 10:30 pm I’d registered the domain and paid for hosting, all in less than about 18 hours. That’s hours not days. Compare this with what I would have done in the past. I would have brainstormed the domain name, run it past several people, finally picked one after several days, agonized over it and on and on.

And I owe this breakthrough to the ONE Thing concept. Was that my ONE Thing for the day? Nope. Working on the mind map was. But while I was concentrating on my ONE Thing that morning, I serendipitously stumbled onto that image. (Coincidence? I don’t think so!) That image had the title at the top which was in direct alignment with my ONE Thing Someday Goal. As soon as I saw those words at the top of that I knew what I had and I knew what I to do. So once my ONE Thing was completed, I was able to focus this new ONE Thing later in the day that was related to the higher level goal and make something exciting (to me at least) happen.

I actually have another breakthrough to share but this post is getting rather long so I’ll share it later.

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