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Rick Smith

Sept. 1

I’m finding that identifying my “ONE Thing” for the day (if I haven’t already identified it for a given day) is becoming easier.

1. Purchased a license for Corel VideoStudioPro (video editing software). That was my first ONE Thing for yesterday. That was important because I’ve been using that software to edit my membership site videos and the 30 day trial had expired. I’m somewhat familiar with that software and I like it better than other options I’ve looked at. So… in order to be able to edit my videos it was important for me to purchase a license.
2. Renewed my domain That one was a no brainer. That’s the membership site. 🙂
3. Completed daily review.
4. Listened to recording of some of Sean’s recent All Access training sessions. Good stuff!!!
5. Finished my second reading of “The ONE Thing.” I didn’t want it to end!

Quick note to everyone. My ONE Thing for the next several days is to unplug and get my battery recharged. I’m taking a few days for a short vacation with my wife. That starts today (Sept. 2) so I won’t be posting here until I get back. It will be hard not to focus on or think about my IMB for several days but Sean says I have to do it. So… I’ll be back here on Tuesday, Sept. 6th.

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