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Sean Mize

Ryan Lee does a great job of mixing it – her runs a daily content email with a CTA for his membership at the end of most emails, then a hard sales email maybe once a week.

Dan Kennedy uses great content to drive folks to sales messages.

But I personally find that pure content/training alternating with pure sales message does best for me.

Ryan Deiss does it differently.

Russell Brunson differently.

And I dont’ know how Matt Bacak gets away with selling in nearly every email!

The point to be gleaned here, I think, is that your list develops a rhythm and a pulse that is intricately related to you and how you relate to them.

You can train them to only buy free things, you can train them to buy at high prices, you can train them to want more, want more, want more, or you train them to do nothing.

And the same person may take action on one list, but not another.

And I believe a lot of that has to do with relationship that is built.

And the sequencing of behaviors that are asked for from the subscribers/buyers.

The way I do it is: advertise –> squeeze page –> daily training emails –> weekly sales campaigns

very little site involvement

heavy training in the emails themselves –

That works very, very well for me.

But when folks try to copy what they like about what I do, and marry it with what they see other people doing – without testing it or understanding why the parts fit together, sometimes they get into trouble.

For example, if all someone does is send subscribers to blog posts with freebies within, then when you ask them to buy . . they don’t.

Or if you find that content emails don’t sell (they don’t) so you stop sending them and instead only send sales emails – then readership dries up and sales resultantly go down.

All of that to say, there are many parts to the complete communication picture, and part of doing it right is understanding what and why you want someone to do as they go through your campaign, and strategically direct them in that direction.


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