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by Bud Evans
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Bud Evans

Sept. 6, 2016

Prepared an index to the site on front page. It seems to work well. Will add all new posts to front of index.
Membership site is up and have had a few signups.
The next step in the plan is to create an eCommerce store. Will also revise and review all kindle books. Books will be converted to a format for the ecomm. store and set up on a download site on my server.
Actions for the next two weeks.
–Continue product creation for self reliant subjects. About 1000 words per week day.
–Revise a couple of pages in the membership site.
–Set up skeleton of eComm. Store.
–Daily posting to a social network or two. For traffic to membership site.
–Create 4 videos per week. (This one will take some extra effort.)
–Review auto responders and maybe upgrade.
–Create a new youtube channel for self reliance.

My thanks goes to Sean and all the rest for their support. I bought Sean’s 6 Core Training Repurpose Rights. I would suggest that others fo the same. At some point I will need to enter the internet marketing niche. These will be a good place to start.
–Submit 5 articles a week to eZine articles.
–Post to personal web sites. Twice weekly.
–Continue study of video marketing.

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