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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Sean –

I’ve had this laptop for three years and I still sometimes manage to accidentally highlight what I just wrote with the mousepad and then accidentally delete it. I just did it again. Twice. Good grief!

When I went on vacation I thought I knew what my ONE Thing was supposed to be when I got back to it today. Yet when I woke up this morning I knew that wasn’t the correct thing for me to work on today. So I worked on the new item instead. And then I became aware of the next steps I should take after that. And yes. It was related to my website. 🙂

And interestingly enough, none of those next actions were clear to me until I worked on what I worked on today. So for me, one added benefit of the ONE Thing method of getting things done is that (at least today) it has made me aware of what I should be working on even though I previously thought I should be working on something else and none of those items were even on my radar before.

Sept. 2nd – Sept. 5th

Did the only thing (besides working out 🙂 ) that I’d planned to do for the entire period. That ONE Thing was to unplug and spend some vacation time with my wife. I didn’t even check email until this morning!

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