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Murtuza B

Hello Sir,

I have built following squeeze pages…


I have following products ready…

23 block formula – $7

Internet Success Blueprint – $47

Gold Coaching Program – $97 pm

Done for You Service – $4500

One On One Consultation and Done for You Service – $10000

Gold Coaching Lessons – $47pm

Website design service – $247

Hosting Domain Service – $24 quarterly

Website graphic design training – $37

Wordpress Training – $17


I have approx. 30 high quality videos created here that
I can use in emails…


Here are some roadblocks I am facing…

1. I built a site before 2 years at
I and my brother got 1000 articles written. 500 are on site.
500 we submitted using link building service.

The articles are crap becoz they were outsourced to Indian writers.

But we got thousands of visitors. In total this campaign got us
1000 leads. But we did not sell any of the above products. We only
sold 5 ‘gold coaching program’ at an offer price of $350 I guess.
We made approx. $1600 for 1000 leads with 1000 articles. This is
too less. Therefore we paused the site as the efforts was huge
and products were not selling very well.

However is my next attempt where I decided
to go with videos and high quality content to increase conversions.
Also added few more products. Now I am seeing what kind of conversions
I can get from this site. I have given you all the components I have created above for this new site.

What more can I do to improve results?

2. Are the pricing that I am charging for products above are accurate
or should I modify few pricings.

3. I am still facing payment gateway issue. Paypal has banned me twice.
No Indian bank is ready to give payment gateway to IM products.
Right now I can use clickbank to sell upto $77 priced products. But I cannot
sell coaching program, done for you service, one on one consultation
or any high ticket products using clickbank. No way to accept high ticket payments.
You have any solution?

For coaching what I used to do is first tell leads to fill up an inquiry
form. Then I used to communicate with them via email. And then ask them
to deposit payment in my bank account or paypal by giving them my paypal
email address. With this paypal will
not have a way to track which site the payment has come from.

But if I get a payment gateway it will be really cool to go with high ticket
products. I am still trying with Indian banks.

I am still surprised how so many guys in warriorplus and wso’s are still
using paypal comfortably in IM niche.

Which payment gateway are you using?

4. I want to get started fast and create a blueprint with you with the
above components.

5. Traffic and leads are the biggest issue. Thinking of getting started
with WSO to get leads quickly. And then SEO, article marketing, video
marketing, etc. I am willing to spend $300 per month on traffic to get
started quickly. What is the best I can do?

I have a youtube channel with 75 videos, 25 subscribers and over 4000 views
but 0 sales…

Sorry for this long mail but as I said I need a step by step system
to figure out how to connect the above so I can start getting quick
results with resources that I have right now…

Thanks for your help…


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