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Remcy Mongrue

Thank You Sean. I’m using ampilifire for my e-mail campaign but I have not created a product for it yet. I know that I have a talent for combining different subjects and making a new subject out of the combination. I want to create an audio product on the importance of a subject and a number associated with it. “Like the 7 principles of _____”. My plan is to create an audio that people can listen to over again to help them in this “rush hour world”. that will be my $11.99 product that I would put on my website as a stand alone product or maybe as something to put in the email campaign. I remember though you saying that we should offer something free so I’m thinking of creating another self-improvement product (out of a combination of course) to put in my e-mail campaign. In fact I think that I just thought of it as a conception right now. Man that’s crazy. The concept will be a video series of association combining things that we use everyday or something I can show people how to create a long with advice on how to do something. Not sure what the something is. An example of what I am talking about is like taking a dominoe piece and putting up one piece a day on a table and then at the same time engaging in some self-improvement exercise and associating the two together. Today I am in the process of creating concepts for the stand alone/email campaign products. I read 6-8 of section 2 blueprint business. And i listened to Day 3 Traits of entrepreneurs I currently listen to the same audio for 3 days before going on to the next one. back to my 2-11 job today I’m off on friday

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