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by Murtuza B
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Murtuza B

Hello Sir,

Lets start with this question…

I built a site before 2 years at
I and my brother got 1000 articles written. 500 are on site.
500 we submitted using link building service.

The articles are crap becoz they were outsourced to Indian writers.

But we got thousands of visitors. In total this campaign got us
1000 leads. But we did not sell any of the above products. We only
sold 5 ‘gold coaching program’ at an offer price of $350 I guess.
We made approx. $1600 for 1000 leads with 1000 articles. This is
too less. Therefore we paused the site as the efforts was huge
and products were not selling very well.

Instead of gold coaching program we did not sell any of the above products

I also have a youtube channel with 75 videos, 25 subscribers and over 4000 views
but 0 sales…

Why do you think I got such bad results with the above products. What mistakes
have I made? When the results are not good it gets bit difficult to be motivated to continue…


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