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by Murtuza B
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Murtuza B

Hello Sir,

I focussed completely in building trust and relatiohship. Infact I used your 30 days campaign email as a centre core for the follow up
and it helped me to sell 5 gold coaching programs. Yes but one thing is for sure that I had I guess 30 day follow up email campaign
after which I did not do any broadcast daily emails to build relationship.

This is how we got leads…

I built a site before 2 years at
I and my brother got 1000 articles written. 500 are on site.
500 we submitted using link building service.
I agree the articles were not good but it helped in getting 1000 leads.
Leads were mostly from google search engine and other search engines.

Also recently I created a youtube channel with 75 videos, 25 subscribers and over 4000 views
but I got 0 sales…

I am going through your ‘Content Marketing for Fast Initial Free Traffic’ module. I am thinking
that will this model help me because I have done something similar above but results were not very


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