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by Murtuza B
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Murtuza B

Hello Sir,

The follow up emails were personally written by me and they were not from any package.

If you have time can I send you the emails and can you check them out along with overviewing 1000 articles
so you get an idea what was going wrong. Also the products that I promoted so you can see
why conversions were not good, was it because of the salesletters or topics.

Also as I said above 1000 articles blogged and submitted = 1000 leads, is this looking fine. Isn’t it too much
of efforts. Also 75 videos, 25 subscribers and 4000 views with 0 sales.

Looking at the products I have shown above do you think their price points are correct. Or should
I convert them into a membership. As I said the products gave 0 conversion, the only thing
I sold was the gold coaching program. What is the best type of sales funnel along with pricing
that you recommend in IM niche.

I need to setup a very concrete plan, avoid mistakes I made in past before I start taking
action on to avoid possible loss of time and money.

I have taken a huge amount of action in almost everything you have suggested in your trainings.
But I am not seeing good conversions and results. So need your help before I get started with as to where am I going wrong.

Thanks for your help…


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