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Answers to digging deep to develop the blueprint below.

My goals for tomorrow are to evaluate the answers below and listen to the background training on my work commute then write up my take aways from that.


Part 1 (So I understand your Dream Business):

1) What exactly is your Dream Business? Infobusiness selling products, training and coaching that changes lives and helps me break free of my job.

2) Why do you believe you should create it? For the last 10 years I’ve consistently produced results for my employer, making the most of my time and skills through organisation and planning.

3) How will your BIG IDEA change lives? I want to make productivity easy for even the most disorganised of people, allowing them to bring calm, order and a sense of achievement to the things they do.

4) How is it different (or similar) to other web businesses that do something similar? I want to blend the best bits of the advice I’ve read online to make simple programs that anyone can follow.

5) What will be included in your BIG BUSINESS dream site? Free information on problems and what kinds of solutions are required. Products and memberships to teach step by step solutions to the problems, providing the customer with specific strategies and detailed techniques to apply.

6) Please tell me anything and everything else about what you dream about in your business. I want to offer 3 tiers of product / program. Self help trainings for self starters. An online group for those who need community support and coaching for targeted help.

Part 2 (So I understand what your weaknesses are so we can work with/around them):

7) What challenges have you faced in the past in trying to implement your BIG DREAM? See previous section: Time/Motivation, Indecision, Lack of confidence.

8) If you have never started, why not? What held you back? N/A

9) If you have started, but failed or stalled, what happened? My work became really busy to the point I had to take work home. I didn’t feel I couldn’t because it supports my family and I lost momentum then became demotivated.

10) What do you see as your 3 biggest weaknesses? Perfectionism, Lack of confidence, Distracted when tired.

11) How do those weaknesses stunt your growth? They kill my momentum and cause me to move on to thinking about other projects.

Part 3: (So we can begin designing your business fast!):

12) Who desperately NEEDS what you are going to teach, share, or sell? People who are overwhelmed with work to the point it affects their health and relationships. They are working long hours, they feel demotivated and stuck, unhappy in their work and there is a negative cycle of feelings.

13) Why do they need it from YOU and no one else? I’ve been there and know how it feels, I want to support and help them get on top of things, feel better and benefit from the positive cycle that comes from feeling a sense of achievement.

14) Is anyone else doing exactly the same thing? Yes there are various books, courses and coaches already out there.

15) How is YOUR solution different or better than everyone else who teaches what you want to? I’m aiming to make my solution simpler and easier to implement, with options for support and tailoring available.

16) How is YOUR solution going to change people’s lives? See benefits in 13.

17) Is your solution simpler or more complex than the existing solutions? I’m aiming to make it simpler.

18) Do you want to be the LEADER in your business concept, or just go along with everyone else and get by? I want to be an authority like a Tim Ferriss,

19) Did you make MORE revenue last year online than the year before? N/A

20) Are you already selling your solution in a smaller form, but you want to go big and viral now? N/A

21) If so, how many units do you sell each month, and at what price each? N/A

22) Do you have an enthusiastic fan base to whom you can tell about your great idea? If so, what is that fan base, and how many are in it? N/A

23) If you KNOW you can change lives, but haven’t been able to, what are the top 3 things that have stopped you from doing it? See 7)

24) Do you want to follow a proven model, or do you want to re-invent the wheel? Proven model (I constantly use proven models in my software design to maximise results)

25) On a scale of 1-10, how bad do you want to change the world with your solution? 10

26) On a scale of 1-10, how bad to you want to make $100k this year with your solution? 10 – if I can make $40k this year then my mortgage will be paid off and my dependency on my job is significantly reduced to the point I would no longer need $100k to leave it.

27) How hard are you willing to work to make it happen? As hard as is necessary to achieve success, but not at the expense of my health / family.

28) What are you willing to drop or get rid of to make $100k this year changing the world with your solution? The only things I will not drop are my job (as I have to pay the bills) and some minimum time with my family.

29) What will be the 3 biggest things that would change in your life if you get this viral innovative business off the ground? The time I can spend with my family. My sense of purpose and feeling of achievement, The time I can invest in trying new things (business ideas).

30) Final question (yahoo!!) – what is going to be the BEST PART about working with me on this? I’ve been listening to your trainings on my 2.5 hour round trip commute for some time now (I purchased a PLR just for this) and you have always resonated with me with the things you say and the things you actually do and I see through being on your list. I’m excited to continue learning from you and benefit from your personal input.

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