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Kevin Stanley

Thanks Sean, I appreciate the words of encouragement!

Today I have worked through items 2.4 to 2.7 and my answers are all below. Tomorrow I will be listening to the core training on creating a schedule as I go to work then I will be creating it in the evening. I am concerned that I will not be able to find a full 3.5 hours a day due to the length of my work day and household responsibilities, but I will asses that and as the appropriate questions when I have.


Background Training to Build Your Blueprint
Listened to this in full twice. The key items for me were: providing value in exchange for money; selling products that meet needs; the range of products you can have from 1 hour recordings; the value of trust; the importance of re-purposing content; the 9 components to the business and where your time should be focussed (creation + email 20%, getting leads 80%)

The Outline of My Blueprint
What are the 3-5 things you should be singularly focusing on in your business to achieve YOUR goals?

1.Researching and planning content
2.Creating product content
3.Writing a daily email
4.Creating visitor driving content.
5.Re-purposing content for visitor driving.

If ALL you did each day was work on those 3-5 things, what would your DREAM or DREAM BUSINESS look like in 6 months?
I would have approximately 25 entry level products from which I could create mid and high tier products as well as a membership. I would also have a significant web presence / site.

Would it be okay if you did NOTHING else but those 5 things during your working time? What things do you to today that could be totally eliminated? (For example, facebook, email, TV, etc.)? What could you eliminate and it wouldn’t take away from your goal?
Of course! I could eliminate TV and Social Media after the kids bedtime, this would free up some time. I may have to get up earlier than my current time of 5:30am.

Your Monetary Blueprint
What do YOU see as the way to get to about $8k a month ($100k a year)?

200 members at 20 -> 4K
100 sales of 10 -> 1K
100 Sales of mid @ 20 -> 2K
100 Sales of high @ 40 -> 4K

I find knowing how to price things difficult, however my initial goal would be for my membership to cover my bills and other products are a driver to it / additional. I would then look to branch out in coaching when I’ve left my job.

What has to happen for that to happen?

1. I need to creating content as quickly as possible
2. I need to continuously learn about my niche so I can keep creating
3. I need to use the content to create products and articles

What are the 3 biggest things that answering the earlier questions and my feedback have done for you, or helped you realize?

1. I need to start working on this as soon as possible
2. I need to provide the best value I can
3. I need to be consistently focussed on my goals

Bringing Both Together
Based on everything you’ve written and what you want to accomplish, and realizing that tightly focused action on 2-3 main things will get you much further than trying to EVERYTHING, what do YOU see as your Blueprint?
1. Creating a weekly recorded product
2. Driving traffic to my squeeze page
3. Writing a daily email

What are the 3-5 things you’ll do to build your business?
1. Plan my work for the week.
2. Research my subject for the week.
3. Create a training based on my subject.
4. Create content to drive traffic based on my subject.
5. Write daily emails.

What are the 3-5 things you’ll “sell” to bring in the income?
1. Low tier trainings (created each week).
2. Mid tier trainings (bundles of related low tier trainings)
3. High tier trainings (mid tier with worksheets)
4. Membership
5. Group Coaching(?)

What are the price points on those “things”?
Starting at $10 for the low tier then a discount on the bundles. Membership at $20 and Group Coaching at $50.

How many do you need to sell to hit your financial goal?
200 memberships would provide the foundation to quit my job.

What has to happen to sell those?
The 3-5 business building things must take place consistently. Additionally all traffic driving content should be re-purposed to maximise reach.

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