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Today I listened to the core 4 training on my commute and then completed section 2 and started section 3 this evening. I’ve thought of a question for Sean I will add to the Coaching forum but first I will details my findings from today below.

Tomorrow I will continue with the section 3 exercises. I plan to start listening to some of the advanced background training on my drive as i do not see any more audio trainings in this section.


Core 4 Training
As the name suggests, 4 key elements that you should work on every working day, these are as follows:

Daily content creation
Consistent daily creation is better than doing it in bulk because you are fresher and get more ideas. The content fuels all of the other elements of the core as they all require a base of content but it is particularly relevant to product creation.

Communicating with your tribe
This will be the daily email for me, possibly also blog comments (which would also fuel getting people to my site) to a lesser degree. The key points are writing as if talking to a friend and asking what people are having problems with. The email campaigne training is useful here and worth re-visiting. One of the keys was write for 90 days before building up a responder sequence. I personally like the approach of infotainment emails that blend information and entertainment.

Development and Sales of Coaching and Products
The content you create daily can be adapted and combined to create products. They can then be expanded and added to in order to create different tiers of content. Part of this work should also include working on sales pages.

Telling people about your products / solutions.
You need to find where the people with the problems your product solves hang out. Whether it is forums, facebook, you tube, blogs or googling for answers from quora, etc. Once you know this you want to try and get content of yours to these places so you are in front of them. It’s important that you are targeting people with problems and not just a general interest.

You need all of these components in place for it to work. If you get frustrated with seeing no sales and concentrate on traffic then people may be turned off by your lack of content. Must not forget to work on sales pages and other parts of product, don’t make the mistake of thinking all that is needed in the content.

My Daily Schedule
I need to do the following each day:

1.Create content
2.Write an email
3.Integrate content into next product
4.Redistribute content so that it is in front of people that need it (paid or free)

In the working week I have between 2 and 3 hours a day I can dedicate to working on my business. A typical day is as follows:

– 05:15 Wake up and Shower
05:30 – 06:30 Work on business
06:30 – 07:45 Drive to work, listen to relevant training
07:45 – 16:30 Work (30 mins lunch break only, no time to dedicate)
16:30 – 18:00 Drive home, listen to relevant training
18:00 – 19:30 Eat dinner, do chores, spend time with children
19:30 – 20:30 Alternate nights put children to bed / work on business
20:30 – 21:30 Work on business
21:30 – 22:00 Quality time with wife and sleep

This gives me between 2 and 3 hours a day of quality time I can work on my business. I believe at first this should be split as follows:

45 minutes creating content
30 minutes writing an email
45 minutes redistributing content

On the days with an additional hour I will allocate an additional 30 minutes to creating content and then 30 minutes work on integrating it to a product or working on a sales page.

There are days I work at home and don’t have to commute and on these I shall aim to add an additional hour to make what would have been a 2 hour day to a 3 hour day,

I will track the time spent and adjust as necessary with results and feedback.

An important footnote for me is that I know I am prone to distraction when I don’t have a clear plan of what I am doing. As such I should aim to plan the week ahead at the weekend so I know exactly what topics I am covering that week, making the 4 daily tasks even easier.

3.1 Getting Started Building an Info Business

What do you teach that changes lives?
Time management and productivity (to include goal setting, stress busting and other parts of a productive and stress free life)

How do you change lives?
By teaching people to manage the things they need to get done, so they have time for what’s important to them and less stress, anxiety and worry about their work. With this I will bring a sense of achievement, calmness under pressure and a belief in themselves.

What is the single biggest thing you teach that people know you for (or that you want them to know you for)?
Simple, nonsense teaching that anyone can follow and gets real results.

What do you already have in place in your business (products, articles, videos, etc)?
I have a lot of research material, including PLR articles and eBooks over a wide range of time management subjects. I also have my own books, worksheets and products I have studied myself. Finally I have an 80% completed eBook on beating Procrastination I wrote. I do not have anything concrete in terms of website, articles, etc.

What is your greatest weakness (the biggest thing that holds you back from achieving success online)?
It has been my ability to maintain momentum and take consistent action when my confidence is knocked or things outside of my business take over my time for a period.

What are the 3 biggest reasons you chose to do this with me?
From listening to your teachings I feel that you are the right person to guide me.
I feel I need the additional guidance and accountability you and the group will provide.
The chance to be able to ask you questions and draw upon your experience.

How many hours are you willing to work per day?
I have worked out I have 2-3 hours a day available to work a day on average. I know from past experience that I do not cope well when my sleep or family is compromised beyond the schedule I outlines in the last section.

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