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by Kevin Stanley
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Kevin Stanley

Thanks Sean – that’s an interesting twist on adding value. I was listening to the first part of designing an expert positioned business tonight and I see how it relates to how you talked about paying for the experience rather than just the commodity.

I found that pretty inspiring to be honest as like you said in the training the cost of information is getting very cheap indeed. When I look at the price of information in the niche I’m interested in (time management) then there is a lot of product out there from established brand names for very little cost which made me wonder if it was suitable for making an income.

But the opportunity for the modern info business would seem to be in being concise, organized and providing a premium experience with access to you, the person they trust, and as far as I can see there is much more opportunity there as there is obviously a limit on the number of people any one person can provide that experience for.

Do I have that right?


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