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Kevin Stanley

Today I listened to the first part of the advanced training on how to build your expert level blueprint business. The really key parts from this training were as follows:

* Info businesses are becoming commodity driven and they is no profit to be made in just selling information.
* To set yourself apart you need to provide relationship on top of information in order to give customers a quality experience.
* People buy from you because they trust and respect you and this comes from the relationship.
* With this you can raise prices but also not worry about the amount of info products in your niche.
* Position yourself as the expert who cares, will response and help. Not only can you raise prices but people will seek you out.

I know this is skipping ahead but I like to make use of my time in the car by listening to trainings. I then completed section 3.2 and my answers are below.


What is the single biggest thing you can do right now to change people’s lives?
I believe that the starting point for productivity is getting a simple plan in place so that you can keep track of all the things you need to get done, prioritise them and start working on the one at a time,

What is the biggest thing folks are missing in your topic?
I feel there are a lot of books on the topic and a lot of courses aimed at the corporate environment but I think there is an opportunity for a less formal approach, more of an everyday person’s guide.

If you were to spend 30 days working on one idea, one concept, one way to change lives, what do you want that to be?
Getting started with a simple productivity system so that the foundations of being organized and productive can be put in place. This foundation level training would offer biggest returns for the most people.

How can you best change lives?
By offering the best quality information and training that I can create, tailored to different levels to suit different people (basic self help style, more structured trainings then coaching).

Would you prefer to have a broad website or one that positions YOU as the expert?
I would prefer to position me / my brand as the expert as I believe this has the potential to impact on peoples lives to a much greater extent.

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