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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

My largest imaginable goal is to get every one of the world’s 1.9 billion children to enroll in my homeschooling course so that they know as much as the average colonial American 15-year old about the Bible and the works of Divine Providence in our world. I will charge one penny per child, and those that can’t pay the one-penny tuition will get a scholarship from Bill Gates through my non-profit tax-exempt organization.

I know this is a late post to an older thread, but I might can help a bit. Christian Missionary, Frank Labauch found himself in a similar situation in the Philippines. He faced a completely uneducated civilization. He started one-on-one and used the concept of “Each one – Teach one.” This was how he worked. By the time I became involved in his teachings, I learned that his teaching had spread to millions of people world-wide.
In effect, I am using his approach to help those around me learn to help themselves by helping training them to create products. I buy some of those products and teach them how to sell their products to others as well.
While your goal is to reach children, but you have more adult students, then, you can use this approach in your goals. If you can just teach each adult to teach others, and to teach their own kids, then, your results will pass on from generation to generation and across the globe.

From one man trying to teach one Philippine English, I learned to teach adults to read nearly 75 years later… half way around the world.

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