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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

Day 1: I didn’t get anything done on my scheduled project for today, which was to upload my latest PLR to the site. Instead, I bought Sean’s coaching.
I spent time reading the intro, then all three forums. I then started working on Section 1: Background and Introduction.
1) Goal Furnace (Do this first) – Completed all 10 steps
2) Blueprint Your Business – I completed #1-#4
I completed the questionnaire. That was a long project. I emailed it to Sean. I didn’t see where we were supposed to upload it, so I emailed him… all 6 pages!
Finally, I listened to “The meat and potatoes of the 5K Business Model.”
My three takes on the recording:

  1. “Find some skill that can change other people’s lives and get
    paid for that skill.
  2. “Everything I do is repurposeable”
  3. “Membership is important”


  • Hopefully, I’ll have something to write in the morning.
  • Upload my latest PLR product.
  • Begin Step 1-2-5

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