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Kevin Stanley

Today I listened to parts 2 and 3 of the advanced training on building an expert level blueprint business, key points that jumped out were as follows:

* If you are a proper expert in one particular area of your niche people will want your help in other areas of that niche because you are still an expert.
* Someone who has been in the niche 3 months can be more of an expert than someone who has been there for years by being more up to daye, cutting edge and unique.
* It is vital to bring uniqueness to the niche in order to differentiate yourself, however slight that is.
* Planning how you want your business to develop is important for focus
* A reverse funnel can build your expert positioning because when they see the first offer of coaching it sets you up as an expert.

In addition to this I worked through section 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5. There aren’t any questions in here as such but they all cover the importance of your core tasks, building your product set and changing lives as the most important thing. Only 10% of the people on your list will buy but you can change everyone’s lives and still make a living from doing so. Not only this but that approach of making your free stuff better than most peoples paid stuff will bring purpose and focus. The result of that is that everyone wins in the end, people on your list, your customers and you!

There is the need for approximately 1500 targetted visitors a month in order to make the basic figures shown and it’s important to note that if you are doing this each month then as you create new products you will have more people to offer them to and your income will go up.

I’m now reaching the stage of starting to put together a definitive plan for my business and the daily work I will need to do, I have yet another question for the coaching forum and tomorrow I will aim to continue with the advanced trainings and additionally think about how to be unique in my niche.


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