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Kevin Stanley

Today I listened to parts 4 and 5 of the advanced training. These really seemed to push the idea of creating a reverse funnel which positions you as a high value expert. I found the idea of starting with your finishing point (i.e. where you want your business to be in a year) really interested especially the part about reverse engineering your products.

Although I feel this sits slightly at odds with the idea of building a list first and then finding out what they want to buy. I think I would be better suited to knowing what content I need to create and use each week and it be part of an overall plan rather than just creating content to drive traffic, but I am conscious that the people first model is proven to work.

Further to this I went through the final exercises in section 3

3.6 and 3.7 Solidify and Personalize Blueprint Steps and Outline the Work
The day to day actions needed for my blueprint are clearly defined by the core 4 training steps and this particular lesson, however I also need to map out the following before I start working on these:

1.Decide on my brand, including my sub niche / positioning and what makes me unique.
2.Decide on my high ticket product and then reverse engineer my other products from it.
3.Purchase a domain name and setup the initial web site.
4.Choose the first component of the business to work on and then get to it.

I imagine setting up the sales pages for the higher ticket items and then start building the first module, which becomes the first report etc and following the core 4 to start driving traffic etc.

That said, as I mentioned earlier I’m a little torn between doing this and the people first approach that is mentioned in 3.7. So I need to think about this and ask any relevant questions to help me decide what’s best for me.

I will give this thought tomorrow and continue listening to the advanced trainings from section 4 to see if they give me any further inspiration.


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