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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

It’s been a great weekend! After writing my last progress report, I took the weekend off from business work entirely! Instead of tweaking my website or working on PLR, I worked on one of my favorite hobbies, and built another website.

Every morning about 2-4 a.m. I wake up, so I get up and write. I am pretty conditioned to it and do some of my best writing then. I did write a 1200 word article, or short report, yesterday morning so I guess I did do some “work” but that doesn’t really feel like work anymore.

This morning, I woke up with an article on my mind, but instead, I applied what I learned from Sean’s 10×10 matrix and created a master outline for the hobby I was working on this weekend, Aquariums and Aquaponics. Well, of the three times I attempted to do the matrix, this is the best and only one I succeeded in at least resembling. It’s more like a 3 x X x Y x Z matrix, but it has 110 points in the outline and I will be able to add depth to some of those as I learn more and start writing.

Having accomplished setting up the new site, (which is far from being ready to use) having written two short reports or long articles, and having succeeded at the matrix outline, I really feel a sense of accomplishment. This gives me an renewed energy and desire to continue my work and to keep moving forward.

My goals for today are to finish uploading that elusive newest PLR still after working through an hour or two of lessons here in the coaching forum.

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