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Kevin Stanley

I’ve listened to further advanced training audios today, specifically from the Maven part of the expert positioned blueprint. Listening to these has made me realise that I need to give more thought to my purpose and the problem that I’m solving. I think that my definitions are too generic and that I need to go back and examine these and think about how I can be unique in that niche, be that with a unique solution or by finding a specific market that isn’t currently catered for.

As well as giving this some serious thought over the next few days I’m going to look at some of the current Guru’s of the productivity niche and see how their positioning and offerings vary.

My current feeling is that I’m best positioned to help people who want to work on things outside of their day job get organised around it so they can work on their own projects without impacting on work or family life, but I need to explore this and think about it further to see if it is a better fit.


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