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by Nemi Weeks
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Nemi Weeks

Hi Sean,

I have a question but want to first say that I managed to say “no” to myself twice over the last week. I have extra funds for my business and I’m trying determine how to best leverage them since my time is so limited. I inquired with 2 sellers about their DFY sales funnel services and stopped following your training for 2 days. Must…stay…off…the…WF!! I said no and decided to get back to your training (good stuff) and back to writing my squeeze pg, sales pg and ebook myself. Empowering!

Couple Questions: In 1 of the recordings under Attract Prospects in Section 2, you recommend having 200 to 300 subscribers to gauge their needs to determine what product to create. In a previous recorded training, you recommend not waiting more than a few days to create said product so the subscribers from day one don’t feel spammed.

My first question is how do you recommend getting subscribers with out having a product first?

Second, how do you recommend getting such a high volume in a very short timeframe (so as to not go too long before introducing the product they desire)?

Would one need to start this entire process with only a squeeze page that offers something free but non-– specific and perhaps $500 to attract 200 quick prospects?

I was about 65% completed with my e-book when I reached the recording that suggests finding the need first. I guess I’m trying to figure out which should come first to waste the least amount of time: the chicken or the egg?

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