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by Buck McDaniel
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Buck McDaniel

If you and Sean don’t mind my interjecting again, I can make a suggestion.

Now that I understand your perspective, at least in a nutshell, then I see you have the most valuable thing to offer:

What is it the Bible offers that no other philosophy and religion offers


This earth is filled with people needing hope. The Hope the Bible teaches is that regardless of our situation or condition, we have Hope in Christ that we can carry on regardless of the circumstances around us. The terrible things I have done, may affect me for the rest of my present life, but not past it! I can offer hope to the vilest of sinners that, indeed, there is real hope in Christ.

What hope are you offering? What hope do people you want to target want or need? Can you offer something to parents? Can you use it to offer additional instruction for your cause?

I don’t know who is around you, but I know people around me are consumed with trying to make ends meet. I am working on a plan to help educate them and give them paying jobs. I will use that opportunity to share Christ with them.
That’s my plan.

Think about it awhile. What do your target audience have a burning desire for? Show them the answer and they’ll be all ears! (well, at least some.) “One problem, One Solution, One Product” That’s all you need to start your list.

[ Sorry Sean, I’ll shut up now, but I think he hit my passion bone.]

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