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Rick Smith

Keye –

Yes. I’m building my membership site. I’m making progress with it. The progress is slow (although it’s way faster than it was) but it’s steady. Probably the biggest contributing factor is taking the All Access site more seriously, focusing on the ONE Thing concept that Sean talks about a lot, and taking specific action based on what I’ve determined my ONE Thing to be for a given day.

Sept. 12

1. Completed daily review (had to switch my schedule around yesterday).
2. Listened to more of Sean’s Entrepreneurial Traits audios while working out and then later while walking during the afternoon.
3. Worked on my ONE Thing which was to begin editing my introductory lesson video. I was really tired last night and I didn’t really want to work on it. But then I thought of Cynthia. I decided that if Cynthia can do all that she does while facing the challenges she faces then I can certainly overcome being a little tired and work on my ONE Thing for the day. So I did. In the process, I realized I had to add a new ONE Thing for Sept. 13th. That’s to create the appropriate (branded) title images to use with the various lesson videos. I decided to create a template to make creating those images easier.

One of the things that I find interesting about the ONE Thing concept is that I feel freer to switch my ONE Thing for the day if necessary. I actually also feel more creative.

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