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Remcy Mongrue

thank you Keye. Okay so I refined the 4 weeks of membership content again and the camera tripod has been shipped I did a quick test video and it works fine. the membership issue has been resolved so now i can incorporate videos into my 4 weeks of membership content which is an idea that I have had for a while now but It will become official. Having a video of me on the website and on my membership content will further solidify me as being the owner of my vision. Man this is a really unique membership as far as self-improvement is concerned I have never seen anything like it on the internet and i’ve searched. I also listened to Sean’s Faith-based call (the power of consistent expectation and action). very inspiring. I feel like I’m on a roll now probably because my birthday is approaching (mid-january) and I’ll be 30 soon. Wow I can’t believe i’m that old feels weird to type that. anyway tomorrow I draw up the sketch of my plan for getting members like a 1st draft and then writing more post’s for my website(i only have 5 on the website right now as drafts). I already have over 120 post topics from people i talk to so there are a lot to come. Soon I’ll be unveiling the website to you guys.

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