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by Keye Wu Wu
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Keye Wu Wu

14th Sept 2016 (Wed) Hustle Log

#1 Wrote 1 Blog Post + 5 Ezine Articles

#2 Set Up several payment links in membership site

#3 Listened to yesterday’s Faith-based call
-> Amazing takeaway: Stop jumping around, otherwise your calling will be handled by someone else!

#4 FANTASTIC nearly 3-hrs call just ended, 3 big ideas to takeaway
-> When old problems are solved, new problems are created. Thus unlimited opportunities for you to solve problems and earn money!
-> Must first be the #1 expert in super small topic/niche, build an audience, and they will transfer trust and perceived expert status to your next creations and ventures
-> Ppl need to hear things multiple times in different formats, don’t worry about overlapping your teachings

Create my membership funnel – salesletter + members area and links + first 3-5 lessons

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