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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Sean –

My Big Goal for the month, the ONE Thing that when accomplished would make this month complete is to get my first four membership lessons finished. That goal has some component parts: finish editing the first four membership lessons, get them uploaded to Amazon S3, and complete the resource and homework info for each of those lessons.Then I can move on to the email campaign, integrating my membership plugin with PayPal, getting the video sales letter done, and getting started on daily content.

One thing I’m not yet doing is what Gary Keller suggests in “The ONE Thing.” I do have my ONE Thing long term goal ( But what I’m not doing is the Russian doll concept he talks about where he suggests that you apply the ONE Thing concept to each subsequent and lower level goal. It’s merely a matter of focus right now. I know what my long term goal and right now the “ONE Thing right now” items for me are all associated with launching

Remcy –

I like your thinking. I’d like for us to become the alumni, too. I’m finding it harder to keep up with all the great posts in the forums. This site is starting to get some real traction. I’m glad I’m here.

Keye –

Thanks for saying so. When I look at my day to day accomplishments it doesn’t seem like I’ve accomplished that much. But when I stop and think about what I’ve accomplished since June 9th (when I started taking this site seriously), it surprises me to realize how much I’ve accomplished. Now I just wanna start completing things faster!

Sept. 14th

1. Finished editing my introductory membership lesson. Another milestone.
2. Completed daily review.
3. Listened to more of Sean’s Entrepreneurial Traits audios while working out.
4. Began listening to Wednesday’s recorded call, “The Selling System” while walking.

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