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Bevan Bird

Sean, thank you very much. And that is a great idea! With forums, like you’ve taught, it’s about positioning yourself as the expert by adding value and being consistent over a period of time. Thank you for helping me get started getting clients!

Rick, thank you, I appreciate you saying that, very much!

Last night I made the 23 posts for the 23 modules of the product, inside Kajabi.

Today I talked with the graphic designer that created the product box cover for High Vibrational Connecting and we may work together on this project for Nick’s product Fill Up Your Calendar. I also edited the agreement I have with Nick and asked him to sign up for a stripe account as this is how Kajabi processes payments. I listened to Nick teach live on a paid webinar hosted by Sohail and did a bit of an excited review and expanding the idea of what he’s teaching, opening up possibilities for more products. Nick helps people create more of a lifestyle of freedom for their self, which is very emotionally appealing!

Tomorrow morning I plan to work with Nick to get the framework more in place, including the videos and get the graphic work underway.


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