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Remcy Mongrue

New ideas, New ideas, New ideas!!!, I don’t know where these ideas come from but listening to Sean Mize’s Day 3 Traits of Entrepreneurs helps a lot. I aspire to be like Johnny Ives. Okay so the video is up on the website through youtube now. I had to use the youtube capture app.
Here is the link if that link doesn’t work you may have to copy and paste this into your search bar. The video is me teaching people how to create a “mood enhancing creation/product”. It involves a sheet of paper, a marker, and a pen or pencil. It’s about 13 minutes long and this is just the first draft. I have more ideas to add to the video that came to me today so i will detail the finale here
step 1. on the e-mail funnel is a video of me saying “learn how to create your own (product name) so you can have _____ in this rush hour world.
step 2. they enter their details (name and e-mail address)
step 3. the video starts with me explaining what I’m going to teach them plus a bonus/challenge at the end of the video.(bonus info for action takers)
step 4. near the end I present them with the bonus/challenge. The info I provide will make the product even more personal to the prospect
step 5. i end the video by saying something like “This product was made using the “Creative Information Process C.I.P.” if you would like to know more about the “creative information process C.I.P.” so you can make your own creations stay tuned for more info or visit
step 6. In the email campaign I ask them how they are getting a long after a couple days as well as drip-feeding my info product.
step 7. I say to them if you want to discover the 8 levels of _____ and how each one relates to _____ and how it can help you ____ start your journey here ___ or something to that effect This is all concept for now as i type this (it’s 3:00 in the morning)

that’s all i have for now keep in mind as you are watching the video that the bonus/challenge info has not been added yet as i just thought about it today after i made the product (hours later when I was at work) but It will tie in very SPECIFICALLY to that PRODUCT. Also the “creative information” part has not been added as i thought of it while i was working.
Also someone called me so the video cuts short. My website is not fully done yet I still have more work to do on it but I am excited about my ideas. Sean Mize, Cynthia,Keye,Rick check it out tell me what you think of it (first draft video), let me know if you can see the video too (trial and error process). I’m especially interested in knowing how it is in regards to the self-improvement niche.

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