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Keye Wu Wu

Rick, thanks for the sharing. I haven’t used mindmaps at all, but now I found that the teleprompter helps a TON so will continue using such method. Try to limit yourself into 3-5 takes only for each video, otherwise it will take really disproportionate amount of time creating it.

And yes, definitely test out the position and audio before you record. If you can set your computer screen right behind your camera, you may not need to move around so often.

Thanks Cynthia!

16th Sept 2016 (Fri) Hustle Log

#1 Wrote 1 blog post + 5 Ezine Articles

#2 Shot 1 face-to-camera Thank You Page video after squeeze page + 3 other content videos for YouTube traffic

Will create something special for you guys here soon, stay tuned 🙂

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