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by Rick Smith
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Rick Smith

Keye –

>Rick, thanks for the sharing. I haven’t used mindmaps at all, but now I found that the teleprompter helps a TON so will continue using >such method. Try to limit yourself into 3-5 takes only for each video, otherwise it will take really disproportionate amount of time >creating it.

For my squeeze page video, my about page video, and my lead magnet video I used teleprompter software on my laptop. It worked well from the standpoint of making me look more into the camera. There were other issues but it worked well from that standpoint. I used printed notes for my introductory membership lesson. I wasn’t super happy with the on-camera result. It was OK but not great.

I moved to mind maps after that because I found I could create the mind map in much less than the 10×10 matrices were taking me. So it was much better in that regard. The creation time isn’t really the issue. If I have to stop and re-position the mind map, what takes time is editing the video. TBH, that hasn’t been too bad so far. Not as bad as I expected anyway.

>And yes, definitely test out the position and audio before you record. If you can set your computer screen right behind your camera, >you may not need to move around so often.

That’s what I have to work on the most. I have the screen behind the camera when I record but I think I either have to raise the level of the camera or lower the level of the monitor. I current have the monitor sitting on two think “For Dummies” books to raise it up so I can see it when I record. Problem is, I think I have it too high.

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