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by Bob Thibodeau
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Bob Thibodeau

Hi folks!

Yes, Carsten, you and I have the same idea. I’ve been “scammed” so many times in the first 2+ years (although, I have to admit, it was “my fault” for falling into the “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome)! I was putting together a “Health and Fitness” membership…but my heart just wasn’t in it. After a lot of prayer, I decided that helping those “new” to Internet Marketing avoid the problems I had would be a good place to focus my attention.

I have been putting together a membership program that should “launch” in the next week or so. It is only four weeks long and is designed to take them from the “ground floor” to their “first sale” in 30 days. I will have them utilizing the “Free Give Away” to attract their leads. It’s too long to go into here, but it is called “Four Weeks to Your First Online Sale” and then I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. The “pitch” is you get your first sale within 28 days (by completing ALL of the training) or contact me within 30 days (and I emphasize a 3-4 day window beyond that for them to contact me)…and if you request a refund I will offer it with no questions asked and they can keep the training.

I figure this membership model will be “quick” (four weeks) so it will hold their attention. The training is quality, fast paced (especially the first week because I go through getting a domain, website hosting (pushing Word Press for simplicity), 10×10 matrix, develop 3 pdf products to offer as “Freebies” – and at least one more but preferably two…to offer for sale at $7 each with a one time offer of everything for $10…just to get the “first sale.” It is a lot of information and I’m looking forward to completing the last week of training and autoresponder loading this week. Then “testing” everything to make sure it all works together as planned.

It’s been an arduous process – but I’m happy with the end product…in my opinion – it looks good. The test will be the responses I receive once launched.

Blessings everybody!

Bob Thibodeau

PS: Sean – I love this new site and the forum!!!

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