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Keye Wu Wu

19th Sept 2016 (Mon) Hustle Log

Had a VERY refreshing fun weekend hanging out with friends + being spontaneous and ran 12km on Sunday 7am after a 5 hours sleep LOL

Met an old friend that I haven’t met for 2 years today’s lunch, so started work late at nearly 4pm.

Gotta pick up the momentum I gained from last week tomorrow again.

#1 Wrote 2 Blog Posts + 3 Ezine Articles

#2 Refocused myself and planned out my 3 biggest focus for the next 7-10 days
-> Launch my membership site
-> Create my 5th brand new product
-> Pass my first 100 Ezine articles mark and start applying for guest blogging opportunities + Publish 1 YouTube video per day

P.S. Thanks Rick! I also find it easy to slack and demotivated regularly, but just gotta remind ourselves WHY we’re doing this, stop overthinking and self-distracting, just START taking the FIRST SMALLEST step of the action, and we will slowly build momentum to dominate things one by one 🙂

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