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by Trevor Dumbleton
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Trevor Dumbleton

1. Cold calling rules vary by country – it’s still legal here in the UK and it still happens which means the numbers game is working & some people are still making cash from it. Cold calling is usually telephone based, cold emailing is sending emails instead. It still happens so it must still work but Gmail, etc. are filtering most of it so the numbers are likely big for any meaningful response. Personal view => avoid.

2. Sounds like a standard webinar formula – promise of no fluff, delivery of fluff. Does it work? Yes, there are people doing it, some of whom have been retargeting me for some time so unless they’re not monitoring their numbers then it’s working. Personal view => follow Sean’s approach. Small lists with rabid followers regularly out perform big lists and I think things will polarise even more in that direction.

3. A lot of supposed “tested” emails are anything but that. Your voice comes across in the writing – good that you’re recognising things aren’t always as they seem.

Excellent that the penny has dropped!

Targeted beats mass market in almost any market – witness the proliferation of soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and almost anything else.

Trust helps enormously as well, which is what Sean’s methods lead to.

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