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Keye Wu Wu

21st Sept 2016 (Wed) Hustle Log

Thanks Sean!

#1 Wrote 1 blog post + 5 Ezine Articles (95 Published, tomorrow will be big day of 100!)

#2 Finished 2 training
– How to Find a Million Person BIG Problem -> this one’s is pretty advanced and a bit hard, can’t really spend $2000 to purchase search results at this stage
– A unique approach to traffic -> the Q&A about 2-3 weeks ago, it’s all about building RELATIONSHIP when it comes to getting traffic

Tomorrow gotta follow the final 5 Ezine and reach 100th mark! Plus gotta create some new Youtube videos so that I can keep publishing 1 video to YT per day. Finally will develop my 5th product if I am productive tmr.

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