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by Bob Thibodeau
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Bob Thibodeau

I was so focused on putting the finishing touches on launching my business…I was just ‘casually’ checking in…and did not even post anything to this forum in the process. I was focused on much of the training I had received prior…and implementing that. I did not want to get distracted (again…it happened often over the past couple of years). I was committed to getting this membership site up and running based off of the training we received previously…and I made it (at last).

NOW – I took the time to begin going through THIS training program. I completed the Goal Furnace tonight…I am going to post it below…nothing to hide…but a very humbling and eye opening experience going through the training…and now, I HAVE MY GOALS and am working towards them!


“To have 200 clients pay me $49 per month to teach them the advanced aspects of running an IM business. Things such as “relationship marketing” (find out what they need and build training around that); “effective list building” (making a list of ‘buyers’ and not just having a huge email list); “managing the business” (by utilizing the concepts we are learning here about “time management; product creation; bundling offers, etc.”).

To do this…I will utilize three phases of memberships:

Phase 1: I want to have a program of continuous marketing to “Newbie” marketers and those who have been around awhile but are struggling.” My goal for this level of membership will be 50 members each month for a one time fee of $27
– the emphasis on this membership level is to get them off the fence and into the marketing aspect…focusing on helping them to get that elusive first sale online!
– Once they have success, they will also have confidence in the training…and I will gently move them towards Phase 2
Phase 2: Focused on those who have achieve launching their business model and have made their first sales online. I want to have 100 people in this level paying the monthly fee of $27 per month
– Having the confidence that they CAN DO THIS!
– Move them into a “Membership” program of $27 per month
– Continue to provide them training based around what they are saying they need.
– Focus on getting their income from online sales increasing to their goals
– Taking those that are succeeding in this level and inviting them to the “Phase 3 Level”
Phase 3: In this phase, I want to have 200 people paying $49 per month. I want to teach this level how to create and manage their own “Membership Program” based upon what we have learned through this program.

Phase 1 = 50 members x $27 = $1,350
Phase 2 = 100 members x $27 = $2,700
Phase 3 = 100 members x $49 = $4,900

Total monthly goal income = $8,950 per month!

To accomplish this, I will use a combination of teaching methods.
– Printed material (pdf’s and e-books)
– Audio (either made myself or taken from weekly group phone calls)
– Visual (I want to use Power Points summarizing the audio training and make them into video’s and put on YouTube)
– I also have a massive trove of PLR material to repurpose as well as a multitude of training from Sean that was purchased with repurpose rights as well.
– I will take questions from the clients and turn them into training materials as well

To achieve this goal will bring my family completely out of debt and allow me to give a significant portion of these earnings to ministry. (I have a guaranteed income from my retirement…although it is tight right now…to pay off the remaining debt would free up my retirement earnings so we could live comfortably…thus allowing me to, yes – add a bit to our income…but, more importantly, be a blessing to my grandchildren and give a significant portion (I am believing for 50% minimum) to ministry work).

I have not been able to be a blessing to my two girls as they grew up because I was away in the military during most of that time…we have struggled since then as well.

Now that they are married and have kids (some of whom are now entering college age) – I have not been as much of a blessing to my grandkids as I wanted to be…

My wife has done without for over 38 years as we struggled to “make ends meet.” I want to bless her remaining years by giving her whatever her heart desires. I just want to make her happy.

My work in ministry is almost my full time job now that I am retired (between this Internet Marketing and ministry – I put in 14-16 hour days). So being able to give to our ministry work…perhaps hire my grandson and granddaughter as employees and be a blessing to them…training them to ‘take it over’ when I no longer am able to manage it…the finances to do that would absolutely make my life better!

ALL of these things above are my “goals” of what to do with the money that comes in from this business.

What has been holding me back from doing these things is: MONEY (or rather, lack thereof) and having to work (and work, and work) just to get by…and living on credit cards to make up shortages…incurring an enormous amount of debt in the process…so the cycle just continues to repeat itself.

I first entered Internet Marketing with the goal of “making a lot of money.” I got distracted by all of the “latest and greatest” techniques and gadgets and spent over $4000 in two and half years…with zero in sales. So my passion now is to help others that are just starting off avoid those pitfalls and be successful.

The 3 biggest things that have held me back were:

Living on limited income in the military – we “learned” how to live on credit cards…
Not paying the credit cards off – we “learned” how to manage debt…
Always thinking “I can do this” in new adventures (bright shiny objects on a massive scale) – but never seeing them through.
– because it always was more difficult than what I first believed
– because I had so much debt I had to work, often two jobs
– which did not leave me the time necessary to ‘follow through’ on the big projects.
– After several (actually MANY) events like this…I “lost confidence” in myself to “be successful.”

So – the 3 biggest things, I believe would be: Lack of confidence in my ability to actually achieve financial independence; using debt to maintain our lifestyle and make up for the lack of money rather than “doing without” for right now (I want it NOW syndrome); and devoting myself to “working at my job to increase our lifestyle” instead of “how to pay off debt.”

I am now committed to working to eliminate these mindsets. I have been following Sean’s training for almost two years…I have “almost launched” a few times…but did not have the confidence to do so. NOW – I do have the confidence. I have been studying, working, building a solid foundation to the business plan. I am ready – NOW!

We are “living on a budget” that keeps our expenses from going up…although we are not paying down the debt in significant amounts…it is coming down…slowly. We are no longer using credit to maintain a life style that is beyond our means…and now – this business is going to help us pay off that debt – I believe – within ONE YEAR! That is my BIG GOAL!

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