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by Keye Wu Wu
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Keye Wu Wu

Agree Sean, we all have to find OUR OWN way.

Not sure why yesterday’s log was gone, let me recap it here again:

22nd Sept 2016 (Thur) Hustle Log

#1 Wrote 1 blog post + 5 Ezine articles (Published 100 in total!)
#2 Shot 3 Youtube videos
#3 Joined Sean’s 1K Subs project and I can’t wait to get my email engine running 🙂

23rd Sept 2016 (Fri) Hustle Log

#1 Wrote 1 Blog Post + 3 Ezine Articles
#2 Shot 2 YouTube Videos
#3 Changed my TYP and set up my first autoresponder messages for subscribers
– For guys who wanna see how my squeeze page funnel looks, here’s the link:
I think it’s pretty and professional 🙂

Here’s My Next Big Things I Want To Accomplish By 30th Sept next Friday:
#1 Complete My Membership Site Funnel (Sales page + Members Area + 3 Preloaded Content)
#2 Create My 5th Product
#3 Start Applying For Guest Blogging Opportunities
#4 Join Top 5 Forums In My Niche and start building expert credibility there

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